Supergroups and Muzak

September 12, 2018

Jim and David read about Supergroups and later David loses his mind.


A Downward Slant

September 10, 2018

Topics include: Downward pick slanting, Guitar hero urination measurements, John Mayer, Distinctions between generations, and more!


Guitar Kung Fu Bullsh*t

September 5, 2018

Jim and David discuss how to master guitar. David fights mystical barriers that musicians use to describe things to others. Jim also talks about ordering gear from small builders. David talks more about the Fillmore. Jim talks about using an EQ pedal. Harley Benton brown--listen to find out what that means.


B, G and E

September 3, 2018

David and Jim talk about something that randomly showed up in Jim's facebook feed. The item raises some interesting questions about what human beings are actually capable of.




Song of Our People: A Study In Live Performance

September 3, 2018

Jim and David discuss live performance pitfalls and stories. Jim reminisces about playing music while being in the military. David sings a melody.


Follow The Yellow Brick Road

August 29, 2018

Jim continues a discussion about what items you can change in your rig to get the most impact.


What’s In Your Gig Bag?

August 27, 2018

Jim and David discuss a previous topic as well as what's in your gig bag.


Nic Bongers - Great Lakes Guitar Pickups

August 22, 2018

Jim and David address a facebook discussion about whether guitar pickups matter in the grand scheme of things with Guitar Pickup Builder Nic Bongers of Great Lakes Guitar Pickups.

To find out more about Great Lakes Guitar Pickups:

Nic is also a guitarist for

Now shutup and place your orders!


Jim’s Big Blue One

August 20, 2018

Jim talks about the Amp1 from BluGuitar and David bitches about year of no gear. A discussion of Greta Van Fleet and their compatriots happens. 

Check out The Darkness single: Solid Gold


Jim Reads Facebook

August 15, 2018

Jim Reads from Facebook. David eats a burrito while being hunted by the townsfolk over in the Helix group.