Documentary Now: Favorite Concert DVDs and Music Documentaries

July 18, 2018

Jim and David discuss their favorite live DVDs and Music documentaries. 


The Fall of Shengze

July 16, 2018

Jim and David discuss the demise of Shengze and recent news in the world of Practical Guitarist Podcast. Jim and David are struggling with #yearofnogear. Jim also gives David the middle finger several times.





Robert Jackson: Guitarist & Dungeon Master

July 11, 2018

David and Jim chat with Robert Jackson of "Robert's Guitar Dungeon" on YouTube.

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Thomas Blug: Strat-King of Europe and BluGuitar Mastermind

July 9, 2018

David and Jim interview Thomas Blug. Thomas Blug's career spans decades of German/European guitar greatness. They all discuss the most practical piece of gear in years, the Amp1 and it's associated BluGuitar system.

YouTube Link:

Thomas Blug:


Anderton's Demonstration

EytschPi42 Amp1 Shootout




How Do You Get Gud At Guitar?

July 4, 2018

David and Jim play a new game centered around the "Year of No Gear." Switching gears, The Practical Guitarists talk about how to improve at guitar.

Greg Koch's new book, "Brave New Blues Guitar":

Prince's band lip synching:

The Analogman Sunface, as demoed by Livingroom Gear Demos:



Jodie Trivedi: Guitarist and Calendar Model

July 2, 2018

Jim and David interview guitarist & calendar model Jodie Trivedi. 


A Class On Amplification

June 28, 2018

Hey listeners! Jim and David are back to talk about different classes of Amplifiers, and what they really mean in laymans terms. The episode turns vintage when they start discussing what features are seperating amps in an increasingly boutique world.


Sweetwater Gearfest 2018

June 25, 2018

Sweetwater Gearfest 2018. It needs no hype. Jim and David, discuss David's experiences there. 


Can You Hear The Difference?

June 21, 2018

Are tonal differences real or imagined? Is tone in the fingers? Jim and David attack these topics and more!


The Hardest Year?

June 18, 2018

James Woodard and David Hill embark on the hardest quest known to guitar players. For one year, they will attempt to outlast one another on new-gear purchases. David even commits to putting up a new pedal until the year is up.  It's going to get ugly folks. Jim and David focus on what they currently own, and discuss the issues they will suffer during this trying time.

Life will suck.