Veteran’s Day

November 12, 2018

Jim and David talk about War and music. Jim recounts being in the service, and David talks about the political philosophies that have driven music. 



November 8, 2018

David and Jim discuss why Jim hates strats.


Practicing In A Fever Dream

November 6, 2018

David nearly dies during the recording where Jim talks about practice techniques. David later talks about guitar store etiquette and the rise of the $250 gig-capable amplifier.


Devi Never

October 30, 2018

David and Jim celebrate by talking about horrors of guitar including Devi Ever, Jimmy Page's Telecaster, and the potential collapse of the boutique world.


A Practical Revolution (Once More Around The Sun)

October 25, 2018

Jim and David celebrate in style with members of the Facebook group and friends of the show. 



October 22, 2018

David and Jim talk about strats and strat style guitars as well as the impending anniversary.


David’s Rage - Recording Anniversary

October 17, 2018

David discusses his evil bay mistake and Jim rambles about ugly Epiphone headstocks and the costs of Gibson and Fenders.


Candy Apple Red Evil Bay

October 15, 2018

David talks about being an idiot ebay buyer, and Jim discusses his red stratocaster that he wants to mod before getting it home. The podcast takes a weird turn--talking about bands and music.


Mule-Like Adversity

October 11, 2018

David and Jim talk about a new sponsorship and adverse playing situations.