The Original Cover Showdown

June 13, 2018

Jim and David square off on what takes more skill, covers or originals. The gloves are off folks. 


PRS & His White Unicorn Save 3000 From Lightning

June 11, 2018

Jim regales with all the glory, wonder, and splendor that is the Experience PRS event. New products are discussed, Jim rubs elbows with famous people and doesn't know who they are, and ultimately Paul rescues everyone in attendance.


Green Screens Are Not Practical

June 6, 2018

David and Jim discuss Shengze's business policies as it pertains to their group and various other Chinese guitar related madness. David describes how much of a gear-biggot he can be vis-a-vis a local jam session. 


Are You a Fret Fan?

June 3, 2018

Jim and David talk about intonation, semantics, and fan-frets...    

and this guy:


What Are You Thinking Boss?

June 1, 2018

Jim and David talk about Boss Pedals--including but not limited too the DS-1, MT-2, and GT-1000. David describes Atlas-Stands before celebrating some classic music.


Brian Wampler's Metalzone Madness:


Dream Home

May 29, 2018

Jim has moved. David buys his first pedal since he got the Helix--don't worry, it has a purpose. 


JamKazam and the Tapestry of History

May 23, 2018

Dave and Jim forget what the topic was supposed to be and go off on a tangent about historic guitars vs modern player guitars and eventually remember they should talk about JamKazam.


Cork Sniffer

May 22, 2018

Jim complains about David sniffing corks, but then spends a significant portion of the episode talking about his PRS guitars. There's an A/B test of two of Jim's PRS guitars, and Jim has a sinus infection for awhile. Jim should really look into the smart (?) sinus procedure.


Silence Of The Lambs

May 17, 2018

Jim and David go full on-insane. David rambles about compression, gain staging and more. Jim participates.


80/240/750/2200/6600 are the positions on the Mesa 5 Band EQ.


Welcome To Buckethead Land

May 14, 2018

Jim has seen Buckethead. David and Jim discuss performance artists again, and talk about the nature of music performance.