The Practical Guitarist

About Us

June 1, 2018

How it Happened
The Practical Guitarist was formed by Jim Woodard and David Hill after spending numerous hours floating through Guitar Facebook groups and forums. Jim and David shared the same passion for playing the instrument and attempting to understand all the nuances of gear. In addition David and Jim were very interested in the social (and social media) worlds that surround guitar. 

Inspired by the medium, and not understanding how it had not been adapted to guitarists early on, Jim and David had been on parallel paths for almost a decade. Neither knew a conspirator they felt comfortable with. Inspired by gear podcasts young and old, as well as those deceased, when Jim and David finally connected the podcast began.

Practical Values
Honest, uncompromising, argumentative, David and Jim are not afraid to talk aggressively about subject matter other Podcasts won't touch for fear of losing a sponsorship. Jim and David knew early on that they had to remain honest, and keep the show entertaining--this is the core goal to provide meaningful, honest, insightful infotainment. David and Jim aren't afraid to say when something is overpriced or whether a musical phrase is overplayed. They campaign for the sane, in an industry and culture that often times seems to spiral into madness. Jim and David are practical in gear, and practical as musicians. They are, The Practical Guitarists.  

You're Invited
So, if you eat, breathe, and sleep guitar, you've come to the right place. Sit back, put your earbuds in, learn, and laugh. This is, The Practical Guitarist Podcast.

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