Jim’s Big Blue One

August 20, 2018

Jim talks about the Amp1 from BluGuitar and David bitches about year of no gear. A discussion of Greta Van Fleet and their compatriots happens. 

Check out The Darkness single: Solid Gold


Jim Reads Facebook

August 15, 2018

Jim Reads from Facebook. David eats a burrito while being hunted by the townsfolk over in the Helix group. 


Ornithological Guitar Safari to The Blackstar

August 13, 2018

Jim and David discuss an almost acquisition that almost happened as well as the new Ibanez AZ series. Hilarity ensues--well not really, but they laughed a lot.


The Theory Of Everything

August 8, 2018

Jim and David have a lengthy discussion about theory and the P. Melter V. 2 and it's 60 Cycle Parody.


Overdrives That Have Grown Fuzzy Distortion Feat. The White Whale

August 6, 2018

Jim and David answer some listener questions. David plays Ahab and Jim plays Final Fantasy IV. 


Jim’s Sherona

August 1, 2018

A stranger calls Jim. David screws up the intro. Jim and David discuss logistics and future plans for videos in the near future. General Purpose fun!


David Hill Vs The World: Addendum

July 30, 2018

David and Jim revisit one of the topics from the previous episode due to information that was left out and/or needs/needed additional clarification.


David Hill Vs. The World: Used Car Confidence from TTK, Ed Roman, and Kiesel

July 30, 2018

David squares off with everyone who appears to be out to rob, mislead, and generally be un-deserving of trust from the general public. Jim listens--OK he participates too.

TTK -- Please avoid watching--you'll just give him credibility and money from views.


A New Era In Practicality or Current Events

July 25, 2018

Jim and David discuss future plans for the podcast and their greatfullness to the audience. Jim brings up the unspeakable and the pair end the episode discussing another youtuber with an affinity for paper towel.

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YouTube Clips mentioned in the show:


Don Faulk: Veteran Musician and Recording Engineer

July 23, 2018

Jim and David sit down and talk with Don Faulk about his musical life-story. Don Faulk was a member of the Nightlighters with a local hit single called "Set Me Free" back in the 1960s. Faulk has remained in the industry for decades creating music and working with other artists as an engineer and musician. 

You can see some of Don's music discussed in the episode: