From The Trunk

January 14, 2019

Jim and David talk about a plethora of guitar topics this week. First, they riff on the 10 amps beginners should avoid. Second, Jim brings up his G-System woes, and David talks about his own Helix revival. Eddie Trunk's behavior/demeanor is discussed at the end.


Wooden Tone

January 7, 2019

David and Jim discuss strings and tonewood for 2 hours. They're sorry.

If you only hear theme music. Delete the episode from your podcast app and re-download it. 



December 31, 2018

David and Jim talk about the Guitologist and trends in music as well as reveal some ideas for Gearfest 2019.


Eve of Eves

December 24, 2018

David and Jim talk about future game plans with equipment, customization of instruments, custom instruments, and amplifier options.


Appreciation of Music

December 17, 2018

Jim and David start season 2. The Practical Guitarists discuss artists who have not (and have) changed with the times. David and Jim share experiences with the Nextone and some competing practice amps. Jim leads a discussion on changing keys of a song for live performances. The Practical Guitarists discuss the differences between loving music and appreciating it.


100th Episode Spectacle

December 13, 2018

Jim and David celebrate 100 episodes by doing their thing!


Don’t Get Screwed - Holiday Style

December 10, 2018

Jim and David talk about how to survive the holidays as a gigging musician.


Monetary Values

December 6, 2018

Jim and David talk with Robert Jackson of Robert's Guitar Dungeon about youtube monetization, Panama amps, and David makes a bunch of vague references to the fuzzfactory accidentally using the term fuzz face interchangeably. 

Roberts Guitar Dungeon


Guitarist Holiday Gifts 2018

December 3, 2018

Jim and David discuss common guitarist holiday gifts--again.


Little Ozzy: Tribute Band

November 30, 2018

Jim and David interview Little Ozzy, a southern tribute band for the Ozzman himself.

Little Ozzy is

  • Vocalist:Lin Doak
  • Guitarist: Max Frye
  • Bassist: Terry Hudgens
  • Drummer: Zach Ballard

Little Ozzy URLS for website and Social Media

Max Frye's URLS