David’s Rage - Recording Anniversary

October 17, 2018

David discusses his evil bay mistake and Jim rambles about ugly Epiphone headstocks and the costs of Gibson and Fenders.


Candy Apple Red Evil Bay

October 15, 2018

David talks about being an idiot ebay buyer, and Jim discusses his red stratocaster that he wants to mod before getting it home. The podcast takes a weird turn--talking about bands and music.


Mule-Like Adversity

October 11, 2018

David and Jim talk about a new sponsorship and adverse playing situations.


The Tone Is In Your What?

October 8, 2018

David and Jim pay tribute to fallen friends, and then talk about the most dangerous topics guitar forums have ever seen. Jim and David also discuss players grade vintage guitars and pricing.


Grimy Dirty Metal Zone With a Strat

October 3, 2018

David and Jim talk about some insane stuff starting with Boss's possible new WAZA line additions, Fender's advertising budget, and Jim's realization that he needs a strat. 


Gearholics Anonymous

October 1, 2018

David talks about entering completing his 3rd month in the #yearofnogear the return of the Peavey Wolfgang (read: HP) and things that can be done for little to no money to improve your guitar tone.


Bad-Ass Bridges & Nut Sauce

September 26, 2018

Jim and David talk about guitar hardware.


Fat, Dumb, and Lazy - Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad

September 24, 2018

David and Jim tackle shred again as well as the songwriting process. David talks a bit more about his year of no gear issues.


Shred Sucks

September 19, 2018

Listen to Dave and Jim talk about how much Shred Sucks (clickbait)

Roy Clark



Facebook and Auditions

September 17, 2018

Jim and David talk about using Social Media to promote music and the Audition Process.